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Fragments of Lives

Fragments of Lives


Aurthor: Yair Packer

Publisher: Speaking Words Publishing 


Choice and consequence is a prevalent theme through Yair Packer's work, echoing the hard choices he had to make in his personal life and the sacrifices he had to endure to follow his dream to be a Writer.


Yair Packer specializes in Children's Stories as well as Screenplays for adult audience. Several of his Short Plays are performed in the U.S.A, Germany, Great Britain and Israel.


This Compendium includes the following Short Plays: Jumping Jasper, Norma's Scent, Priorities, Blind Decision, Midnight Flushing, a Dress for the Wedding, Always, Bit Parts, Cake, Damn Cadbury, Dust, Enough to Bathe in, Fuck the Condoms, Hold it, Honey (Money) Moon, No Regret, Present Perfect, Snake, Soap, to Catch a Fish, Wedding, the Real Thing, Peanuts are for Monkeys, Pickles and Piece of Cookie.


If you prefer, you can purchase the Print-on-Demand version on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and more.

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